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I've had a hard time writing about March Madness this year - partly because I really hoped Syracuse would make it to the Final Four or farther, and mostly because I didn't think they could do it after Fab Melo turned out to be the most unintelligent athlete in sports. Dude, we all know you barely have to be breathing in class to make a passing grade. I should know, I went to Syracuse and had

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Magic Johnson's group reportedly purchased the bankrupt Los Angeles Dodgers today for $2 billion, and if approved, it would be a record sale for a North American franchise. Oh the woeful Dodgers. Frank McCourt's messy divorce. The Manny saga days. A far cry from the franchise that won the '88 World Series off the golden arm of good guy Orel Hershiser and Kirk Gibson's unforgettable walk off

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I always wondered why the home team was listed second (or to the right in the scoreline on TV) for all American sports, but when watching EPL (English Premier League soccer) it was listed first, or on the left. So when in doubt, go to Wikipedia: When viewing a scoreline, the home team is most commonly listed first, except in the United States, where the away team is listed first. This

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The sports world was a little shaken this week as Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts parted ways, and the iconic quarterback who missed all last season due to three neck surgeries became a free agent for the first time in his 14-year career. So where do you think he should go? Or where do you want him to go? Arizona, Miami, Kansas City, Seattle, Tennessee, Washington and the New York Jets

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The New Orleans Saints and potentially other NFL clubs are under immense scrutiny after a late-breaking Friday night story exposed former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams' bounty system where defensive players who viciously injured their opponents and knocked them out of games were awarded $1000+ bonuses. It will be interesting to see what the punishment is from the commish, considering the

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My college roommate's boyfriend mentioned this brand when we were in LA a few weekends back, and I think I need to get myself a little Syracutie gear to wear for March Madness! Go 'Cuse! Speaking of the Big Dance, My mom and I were talking tonight about why the Syracuse men's basketball team is 29-1, and how they've squeaked out so many close victories this season. They don't really have a

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