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I finally found one I love! Green Bay Packers sports bra by Victoria's Secret. After patiently waiting for several years, they added my team to their NFL line. (Hallelujah!!!) I would recommend getting a size smaller than your normal sports bra size - it runs a little big (and I personally like my sports bras to be snug). Now I am officially ready for Week

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I've been in a number of Fantasy Football Leagues, and girlfriends are always asking me about pics, trades and HELP when they decide they want to join. I've spent a lifetime dissecting the game, but for those of us just getting introduced to what all the Sunday hype is about, it helps to have a tour guide. What should you pay attention to? What can you afford to miss/skip over? (or at least just

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The sports world was a little shaken this week as Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts parted ways, and the iconic quarterback who missed all last season due to three neck surgeries became a free agent for the first time in his 14-year career. So where do you think he should go? Or where do you want him to go? Arizona, Miami, Kansas City, Seattle, Tennessee, Washington and the New York Jets

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By Shana White, SGN Contributor ATLANTA – Recently, I got into a debate with a group of guys about which NFL conference is better - AFC or NFC. While everyone had their own passionate opinion about each league, I felt my loyalty shift to one side as the conversation continued. The NFC is a better league overall from top to bottom. While the AFC has more than its fair share of hardware and

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Saturday February 4, 2012 9:02 Wake up 9:04 Turn on the Syracuse / St. John's bball game 10:36 Feel confident Syracuse has this one. Leave for an 8-mile half marathon training run 11:43 Get back from said run, 8:20 min. mile - woo! 11:44 Put on the Ohio State / Wisconsin bball game 12:51 Finish watching Ohio State FINALLY beat Wisconsin @ Wisconsin - hallelujah Girly stuff for the

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All week we've heard that family and friends are "scared" (they really used that word?) about today's NFC playoff game featuring the NY football Giants and the Green Bay Packers. Although they are not deep-rooted enemies, they do play fairly often (especially in recent years), and that means a little tension in the atmosphere at home. My fiancé is a life-long Giants fan, myself a diehard Packers

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Another year is here, which also means the football seasons for both college and NFL are on the cusp of their finales. While watching the Cotton Bowl tonight between K-State and the Razorbacks, they panned to Jerry Jones in the stands (Arkansas alum and their star running back once upon a time), and I was wondering how he made all his millions (I feel like I remembered hearing about his oil

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