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Carl Banks understood entrepreneurship and how to build a life after football even while he was still on the field. He started his clothing line, G-III Sports by Carl Banks, in just his second year with the NY Giants, an all-pro career that would span 11 seasons in the NFL. Sporty Girl Nation took notice of Banks' recent endeavor - G-III 4Her - a line of women's sporting apparel that puts a

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Considering so many of our hobbies spent together and apart are sports related, we knew our wedding had to incorporate at least a "mild" sports theme. So yes, our table cards were sports teams instead of numbers (and guests sitting at those team tables were strategically assigned). The teams were selected from our favorites across multiple professional leagues and colleges. • Guest Book

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Can the NFC keep its hands on the Lombardi Trophy for a fourth straight year? Amid a usual busy offseason of free agency maneuvers and the over-debated Bounty Gate, several NFC teams think they've done enough to earn themselves the ultimate prize. Follow this four-part series breaking down the NFC. NFC EAST Dallas Cowboys Last Season: 8-8, no postseason Do Tony Romo's Cowboys have what

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Saturday February 4, 2012 9:02 Wake up 9:04 Turn on the Syracuse / St. John's bball game 10:36 Feel confident Syracuse has this one. Leave for an 8-mile half marathon training run 11:43 Get back from said run, 8:20 min. mile - woo! 11:44 Put on the Ohio State / Wisconsin bball game 12:51 Finish watching Ohio State FINALLY beat Wisconsin @ Wisconsin - hallelujah Girly stuff for the

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OK, I'll admit it. I am being a bad fiancé and have barely been excited for my man that his team is in the Super Bowl. The NY Giants had to stomp through my Green Bay Packers to get there, so pardon me if I'm not stoked for "The Rematch." I also wasn't excited in 2007 during the inaugural bout between the undefeated New England Patriots and the Giants that saw "The Catch" and basically the

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By far, the two biggest direct tv sports events this weekend are the NFL Conference Championships. On Sunday, January 22 at 3PM ET, the Baltimore Ravens visit the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship, and at 6:30PM ET, the New York Giants visit the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship. Nest up: the Super Bowl. AFC: Ravens @ Patriots The old football adage is that defense wins

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All week we've heard that family and friends are "scared" (they really used that word?) about today's NFC playoff game featuring the NY football Giants and the Green Bay Packers. Although they are not deep-rooted enemies, they do play fairly often (especially in recent years), and that means a little tension in the atmosphere at home. My fiancé is a life-long Giants fan, myself a diehard Packers

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You'd think after the slews of pro athletes, celebrities and public figures that have made complete a$$es of themselves on Twitter that people whose careers are in the public eye would have learned something. Apparently this is still not the case, and we have to point out how insanely difficult it is to keep our mouths shut. I can't keep mine shut, that's why I have a blog to discuss all this

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